The company offers a wide selection of products, which can be customised and which are realised with thorough attention to details. For instance:

  • Windows, doors, French windows
  • Wall curtains
  • Gates
  • Stairs, parapets
  • Shelters
  • Shutters
  • others

Moreover, the company is specialised in realising products that make personalisedand unique eachpremise.


Some materials
This steel alloyis mainly characterised by resistance to oxidation and corrosion, inalterability and durability over time; moreover, it has high aesthetic value.
It is available with the following finishes:
  • Satin
  • Polished
  • Scotch-brite
The Polished and Scotch-brite finishes are particularly suitable for saline environments.      
It originates from the natural oxidation of the Brass alloy after it came in contact with the air keeping the physical properties unchanged, it is particularly resistant to corrosion, which makes it suitable also for use in saline environments.
Bronze is ideal both for modern architecture and for the restoration of historic buildings. Its particularly high versatility is due to its elegance and to its everlasting charm. 
After natural oxidation, Cor-Ten Steel has a protective coating that does not change over time; this favours the development of unique colour shades that make it an elegant and fine material.
This feature, together with its high mechanical resistance and to its durability against atmospheric corrosion, make it particularly valuable in architecture.
These products offer the characteristics of both materials. Wood, that is placed in the inside, offers on the one hand thermal and acoustic insulation; on the other hand, it gives charm to the room thanks to its elegance and to its warm feeling, thus becoming part of the furnishing. Aluminum, that is placed on the outside, offers high mechanical resistance and durability against the weather, thus keeping its aspect unchanged over time with a reduced need for maintenance. There is a wide selection of finishes of wood, while aluminium can be painted: Ral colours, metal colours, wood colours with artificial wood grain.   
Besides the advantages of aluminium (high mechanical resistance and durability against the weather, therefore unchanged aspect over time with a reduced need for maintenance), the aluminiumprofiles with thermal break guarantee the insulation of internal surfaces from the external ones through some small bars in polyamide that allow for a remarkable reduction in both heat loss and condensation phenomena.
There is a wide choice of paints: Ralcolours, metal colours, colours with artificial wood grain.   
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