The company Canevarollo Luigi Serramenti  is specialized in the production of internal and external door and window frames for residential, industrial, commercial buildings, schools and offices...
For more than thirty years it has worked skillfully and professionally offering solutions for both new buildings and restorations, as well as consultancy and assistance.
The company’s objective has always been to satisfy at best each single customer’s needs offering customized products that allow to meet at best all sorts of architectural requirements; attention to details is one of its distinctive traits.                        
In order to do so
The company’s production ranges from customised frames that can be realised choosing among a wide selection of materials –Aluminium with thermal break system, Aluminium-Wood, Stainless Steel, Cor-ten Steel, Bronze, PVC - to iron and stainless steel manufactures, wall curtains…
For optimal results which satisfy the customers’ needs in full, the company's technicians have both internal on-the-job training and recognized competence.          
  Serramenti Canevarollo Luigi - Via Mazzoni, 127- 37047 San Bonifacio (VR) - Italy - Tel. e Fax +39 045 7660118
email: luigicanevarollo@alice.it - info@canevarolloserramenti.com